Write Out Loud: Finding and Owning the Fearless Writer Within

IMG_20180906_111709You think you have what it takes to be a writer, but suddenly you’re getting advice from everyone on how to write, what to write and everything gets lost in the noise and you suddenly don’t even know where to start.

Or maybe you’re a seasoned writer who has lost the passion in what you’re currently writing. Or you’re looking to get your writing to the next level, make a best seller list, or find more readers and make more money.

In this workshop you will learn how to shut out the voices (unless they’re coming from your characters) and take control of your writing. Leave all the noise behind and learn to fearlessly write out loud!

Current session:

Wednesday, October 3 @ 4:00 PM CST


Here’s what past attendees have said about the workshop:

“I’ve been cranking out chapters based on your advice. The magic happens in the editing, right? I can’t look at it right now. I want to keep going through chapters and editing instead of going forward. Hemingway is TOTALLY wrong about the writing drunk part, by the way. I like your idea better, since I’ve tried both this week. Ha!”

Kristina, aspiring author

“Christina cuts to the quick simply and fiercely, and we clearly see and feel the exciting, bright possibilities that have always been within our reach.”

Cat Porter

“Write Out Loud helped me find my new mantra: Write daily with fearless authenticity…because they don’t know they want it until they read it! I am enjoying writing again and moving closer to my goal each day. My thanks to Christina for the inspirational encouragement!”

Melissa, aspiring author

“Christina has this magical way of opening you up to your depths where the fear of being seen lies, then gently guides you towards your authenticity because this is how you will be connecting with your audience. She urges each of us to write WILD without reservations, to do what scares you, and to take risks sharing all your magic through your words. She has helped me to feel that the impossible is possible, that I have a story to share and that others are wanting to read it.”

Safira, aspiring author, lifestyle coach, amazing goddess, warrior beast




The invisible impact we make

The invisible impact we make

Sometimes you just don’t know your own reach, the impact you have on others. This is especially the case when you work with authors, it’s a solitary endeavor even though we’re working one on one and communicate often, you don’t always understand how you’ve impacted them, how they are changed by having worked with you.

MuteButtonAs an editor and author coach I’m so focused on the author and manuscript that I don’t think about things like…how will this change the way they write? Or how will this change the way they think about writing? I don’t contemplate what kind of impact I will have on working with them. I always hope the writing aspect of working with me changes they way they put their words onto paper. I also hope that they become stronger writers, more confident in the stories they want to tell.

Each author I work with is different, there are a multitude of of things that each author is interested in working on and looking to improve upon, but I don’t know exactly what I will be working on beyond the writing. I find it truly invigorating, though, to dig in and help an author achieve not only their writing goals but their personal ones as well.

WriteWild_5I’m lucky enough that one of my authors decided to write about her experience working with me (On Writing Captive Lies by Victoria Paige) I don’t often get to see such an inside look but I couldn’t be more proud to have shared this writing journey with each of my authors! I love that my words have meaning for them and that in the end they take what I’ve said to heart and give themselves permission to BE who they are and to WRITE the way their soul calls!!!


Learn to Write_1

Run Wild

Run Wild_Alice in Wonderland


“Oh how I long to run away from normal days. I want to run wild with my imagination.” Alice in Wonderland ~ Lewis Carroll

Yes!!! I’ll never turn down a day with my wild imagination!! Who’s with me??!! xoxo


There is always a door #3

There is always a door number three. In life and in writing, it’s about finding what works for you. It’s much more than thinking outside of the box, it’s about not giving up until you find the right solution for you, for your work, for the story, for your future readers.

Door#3_6I was fortunate enough to read an early galley copy of @authornalinisingh ‘s first paranormal romance Slave to Sensation. I love paranormal fiction, but I also hate it because I am very picky. It’s about world building and taking us to a totally new and unfamiliar place, there are rules to this new world and if you break them, well, then, in my mind, you’re cheating as an author. I’m brutal as a reader.

I was on a flight to a writer’s conference and thought I would page through the manuscript, but I was so hooked that in the last ten pages as the flight was landing…I had the actual thought, “Can’t we go back up and circle around before landing?”

The circumstance was the protagonist was going to DIE or be the EXCEPTION to the rules of the world. 1st option BAD, 2nd option WORSE! <– CHEATING!

Nalini found DOOR #3!!! The character didn’t die and she wasn’t the exception, she found another way to resolve the issue.

Look for door #3. Find the solution, resolve the issue. If you’ve found yourself painted into a corner…paint yourself right back out. This is your job as a writer. Don’t give up. Never give up. You’ll always find not just “a” way, but “the” way.


Romance Writers Don’t Need Your Love—They’re Too Busy Making Bank



Fast forward four years. I now have ten publishers on three continents. I’ve won what is arguably the highest award in romance. Most crucially, I support my family as a novelist. In romance I’m earning a living as an author.

How did that happen? The moment I stopped trying to write as the wisest, cleverest girl in the room, I began writing novels that critics call clever and wise. I stopped drinking the mainstream Kool-Aid and wrote straight from the gut. And readers responded.

I’m here to tell you that you can have a brain and still enjoy books with kissing in them. You can also have an economics degree from Yale and write romance novels. You can build a career on entertaining smart women and men with uplifting storytelling.

You can include a set of washboard abs on the cover or not. It’s your choice. And you’re a real novelist either way.


I couldn’t be more in love with this article! Yes! You can write anything you want AND make money doing it. You can write really fantastic characters and have critical acclaim. You can have it ALL. Just stop “trying” and write YOU!! As Bowen says in the article, write from the gut and readers will respond!




Learn to Write Out Loud


Learn to Write_1

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or started writing only to discover that you don’t know what to do next? With your story? With publishing it?

Or perhaps you are an industry veteran who has lost your passion for storytelling. Or you don’t know HOW to make it to that next level.

I’m ready to brainstorm and find the right answers for YOU. Not everyone wants or has the same writing journey!

With 25 years of expertise in the publishing industry, for a limited time, I’m offering free 45 minute on-on-one sessions and the opportunity to pick my brain and ask me anything and everything writing and publishing.

No one is too big (I’ve worked with many NYT and USAToday Bestselling authors and each of the major traditional publishers and editors in NY.) And no one is too small (I’ve worked with writers who were working on their first book.)




Christina Trevaskis
Book Matchmaker

~ Create out loud ~ Live out loud ~ Write out loud ~

Your words, your voice, your story. Author coaching, writing & creative services for your best life & book.



Don’t Press the Mute Button


Write what YOU want to write…

if you tone yourself down,
if you pull yourself back,
if you mute your words, your story,
if you write something because that’s what you *think* readers are looking for…


Readers are looking for stories that come from a real place, in your heart, deep within your soul, real and authentic. Stories that grab them and won’t let go!! Stories that only YOU can write!!

Don’t press the mute button, otherwise how else are your readers going to find YOU?