Don’t Press the Mute Button


Write what YOU want to write…

if you tone yourself down,
if you pull yourself back,
if you mute your words, your story,
if you write something because that’s what you *think* readers are looking for…


Readers are looking for stories that come from a real place, in your heart, deep within your soul, real and authentic. Stories that grab them and won’t let go!! Stories that only YOU can write!!

Don’t press the mute button, otherwise how else are your readers going to find YOU?


This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Not because Mom, taking the picture, IMG_20171114_102756_505caught me in a moment of fear, but because I know I jumped in spite of the fear!

I’ve used this picture as my “I’m going to take the next leap” compass in the past when I’m scared to do something yet know that I have to do it. So here it is again to boost my courage in taking the next leap!

I’ll be doing my first IG live on Friday!! I’ve had a lot of people suggesting I do one to get my message and knowledge out there for everyone to hear.

So drop your Q’s below in the comments section (or DM them to me). I’ll answer anything and everything having to do with writing or publishing! Nothing is too big or too small, insignificant or strange….in my over 20 years in the writing & publishing communities, I’ve seen (and heard) it all. I’ve worked with all of the big 5 NY publishers (traditional) and some pretty significant authors in my time…

So what do YOU want to know? Drop your questions below (or DM me!) and I will get to as many as time will allow!

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Follow where your creativity wants to take you…it may surprise you where it goes!

Start with one sentence said by one character…and that will lead you to another…and another…another scene, another character, another story…

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How the f*ck do you write so many books?


There’s a great interview on YouTube with Stephen King and George R R Martin in which GRRM asks King “How the F*ck do you write so many books?”

The truth is, of course, that every writer is different. It takes you how long it takes you. Figure out who you are as a writer and how long it takes you to get there. And write you.

I wouldn’t want a book from GRRM that only took him 6 months to write…

As for King, he has a great story about JK Rowling…and truly understanding what it is that you do as a writer.


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Create Fearlessly


“I’m convinced that FEAR is at the root of most bad writing.” – Stephen King, On Writing

Don’t let fear stop you from writing, even if it’s not what others are telling you is selling, or what others might wish you to write. Did you know that Stephen King’s horror stories were initially rejected by publishers? Their reasoning was that no one was buying horror. That didn’t stop him from writing them, he persisted, eventually published Carrie, and went on to become the preeminent horror writer. Then when he wanted to write something outside of the horror genre publishers once again limited King in that they believed no one would want something other than horror from him. Personally, his “non-horror” stories are my favorite. So while publishers were fearful, King was not. He knew what he wanted to write.

Writer’s block doesn’t exist, it’s resistance which is usually caused by fear.

Don’t allow fear to box you in.

Fear is the killer of creativity.

Let go of the fear…get rid of the box…create fearlessly…

Write what you are called to write even if it’s something outside your comfort zone, outside of genre, or out of this world…you might be the next writer to create a new trend or even a new genre. Go for it, you have nothing to lose….

Create out loud ~ Live out loud ~ Write out Loud