Author coaching, writing & creative services for your best life & book. Create out loud~Live out loud~Write out loud. Your words, your voice, your story!

Lover of books, music, movies, and dogs. Lover of life. Book Matchmaker. Offering exclusive author coaching, editorial and creative services to help create your best life and the best life of your book! Your words, your voice, your story! Create out loud. Live out loud. Write out loud.

I am a story wizard! I feel the energies within words/writing/stories and know where it wants/needs to go in order to find its audience…while allowing authors/writers to keep/find their authentic voice.

I am able to easily hone in on the source of a writer’s block/resistance (I don’t actually BELIEVE in writer’s blocks there are just YOU blocks or your resistance)

I am a rock star at helping writers let GO of perceived perfections and embrace their messy for that is where THEIR GENIUS resides!

Publishing Wizard, extensive knowledge of the publishing industry

Your mess, your genius. Own it.

Christina Trevaskis, a former Borders exec, spent years in the publishing industry wearing many hats; reader, bookseller, marketing specialist, editor, and most recently stepped into the self-publishing world helping authors navigate new lands. She’s a Book Matchmaker, a publishing partner, a life coach for books and their authors. Helping them BOTH be all they can be and more…better, happier life makes a better writer, better books! In the end, producing happy satisfied readers!!

Embrace your mess, it’s where your genius resides….

Here is what some of Christina’s clients have to say about her editing services:

“Christina Trevaskis has incredible instincts. She has helped me immeasurably on my last novel and my current work in progress by being able to hone in immediately on my character and story issues: what’s lacking, what’s needed, where my structure needs bolstering, where my characters drift. No matter the shape my draft is in, either the wreck of an early version or the more honed final revised ones, Christina is able to wade through my muck, shine her light, and help me find the jewels within and get rid of the unnecessaries that I cling to under my rug of denial. She is a true professional and a brilliant, gifted editor who is extremely supportive and positive in the way she presents her case (huge!) and I cannot envision ever working without her.” ~ Cat Porter

“Christina Trevaskis edits in a way that she allows the author to keep her voice, while at the same time highlighting issues within the story. She is patient, articulate and timely. As a romance writer, having an editor who not only loves the genre but spent years hand selling as well as marketing romance in a brick and mortar store, she ‘gets’ it. Her skill set also includes a degree in English Lit and a minor in writing. She’s smart, open-minded, and an author’s most ardent cheerleader. I highly recommend Tina.” ~ Karin Tabke


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