You can fix anything but a blank page

“You can fix anything but a blank page” was famously said by Nora Roberts, one of today’s most prolific and popular authors. Take the time to edit_1 Many writers focus on the “blank page” part (and don’t get me wrong, most writers have trouble filling the blank page, so it’s a great thing to focus on) but what I think is largely ignored is the idea that everything is fixable. Think about that for a second…EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE. Meaning, take the time to edit. Don’t worry too much whether what you’re writing is perfect or even good, because if you take the time to edit, you can fix anything.

It’s a major accomplishment to FINISH a first draft, but remember it’s your first first draft. Fix what needs fixing.

Once the initial idea of the story is on paper you can do anything you want to it. EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE. It’s also where you can add new ideas, new characters, new scenes…all those moments of genius you’re MORE likely to have because the stress of actually filling those blank pages is gone. You’re free to make the story as romantic, suspenseful, scary, or sad as you want.

Take the time to edit, that’s where the magic is…

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If you could write anything….

No one is watching, no one has to read it if you don’t want. Or if you’re a bit daring, everyone will read it, they will want to read every word and let them all sink in.Notebook_Pen_12

Don’t think about the trends, or what’s selling…think instead about the characters you want to write. Think about how they look and how they feel. Who do you see? What are they like? What are they experiencing?

If you could write anything what would it be? What story is your heart longing to tell?

That’s the book I want you to write, because that is the book I want to read from you.

Now here is a blank page, a pen, a notebook. Coffee? Soda?

Let’s get to it.



The World According to Ash

While I normally don’t post others’ works on my blog, this one was too good to pass up. Welcome to Ash and The Middle Finger Project, I motherfauxing LOVE her!

Yes! Yes! Yes!! Just because you have the time doesn’t mean that you can use all that time AND stay productive! The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in recent years is that I can use my HOURS more productively if I LISTEN to HOW I WORK and follow directions accordingly!! I’ve also found through my clients that you NEED to take time to recoup your energy, whether that’s by taking time off (even if it’s just a day, an afternoon) because once you have rejuvenated you are actually MORE productive. Your well has been filled…and you’re ready to work at your best!

How to Be the Most Productive Motherfauxer in the Room



A Love Letter to the book Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher: The Book That Changed How I View Myself and Ultimately Changed How I Read.

Carousel Horse1

Mud Vein: The icky vein on the back of a shrimp which is not recommended to eat and is usually cleaned out before consuming. Or better yet, for the context of this article, a mud vein is where we store all of our icky stuff that we don’t want to acknowledge we have within us…the human mud vein where all of our shit collects, our flaws, and our disgusting imperfections. We all have a mud vein, we all have parts of ourselves we turn away from and wish we didn’t have.

The book Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher is far from anything icky or shitty nor is it your average fictional tale. It’s a love story. A love story of epic proportions. A story mud_vein_ebook-1-200x300about learning to love yourself completely, wrapped in the guise of a psychological thriller. At least that’s what it was for me. When you begin reading this fast paced mind-bender your only questions are “What IS happening?” and “Who did this to her?” but by the time the last page is consumed, you realize those weren’t the questions you should have been asking. Instead you walk away asking yourself; what darkness is inside of myself that I need to understand? What haven’t I accepted about myself? What are those flaws that I need to embrace as a part of myself in order to be completely me?

One of the best feelings is when a book stays with you and doesn’t let you go. It’s an authors’ true legacy, writing words that fundamentally change you from the inside out.  And not because you don’t have the answers but because you walk away with more questions about who you are and who you want to be.

Reading Mud Vein was the first time I ever realized just how much I was learning about life, learning about myself through works of fiction, of romance, mysteries, fantasy, and young adult; none of which would be shelved within the self-improvement section and much of which would be considered subpar as far as books and writing goes. ILikeMyScars_MudVeinFor self-improvement type of reading I tend to look to experts like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, or even Steven Pressfield. And for pleasure reading I lean toward a romance or even a young adult fantasy adventure. But here I was reading this creepy psychological thriller weaving its message of self-acceptance through the pages filled with pink Zippos, and carousel horses. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the section headings like Shock and Denial, Pain and Guilt, and Anger and Bargaining; those would have been my first clues that this thriller was going to be anything but average. In reality though, I have come to believe we are drawn to the types of books, fiction or otherwise, that are going to teach us and change us. Sometimes it’s a simple lesson, recognizing an attribute that a character has is also something we have within ourselves, and sometimes the lessons are much deeper like self-love. I realized I was learning as much about myself, if not more, from fiction books than I was learning from self-improvement books.

There’s a line in the book about how there are strings connecting people who are meant for us.

“There is a string that connects us that is not visible to the eye. Maybe every person has more than one soul they are connected to, and all over the world there are those invisible strings… Maybe the chances that you’ll find each and every one of your soul mates is slim. But sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble across one. And you feel a tug. And it’s not so much a choice to love them through their flaws and through your differences, but rather you love them without even trying. You love their flaws.”
~Tarryn Fisher, Mud Vein 

Maybe books have that same type of string the one that pulls us toward them for the lesson they have to teach us. Mud Vein not only changed how I view myself, but in the end, changed the way I read. I no longer think of a book as purely entertainment. I look for the subtleties of what is being shown to me through the characters. I feel the words after I finish the last page. I am a little bit more me.

If you think fiction is only escapism, look again; look at those stories that changed you on a deeper level. Fiction can sometimes lead us to the truth of ourselves.

There is a teaser quote on the cover of the first edition of Mud Vein that reads “Only the truth can set her free.”

Yes, it did, Ms Fisher. I am truly free.


Note: The book teasers were made by me with mad love for Mud Vein because I simply could not let go of the story, the characters, or the words and had to create something for myself after I finished.

Big LOVE for your Mud Vein….







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