There is always a door #3

There is always a door number three. In life and in writing, it’s about finding what works for you. It’s much more than thinking outside of the box, it’s about not giving up until you find the right solution for you, for your work, for the story, for your future readers.

Door#3_6I was fortunate enough to read an early galley copy of @authornalinisingh ‘s first paranormal romance Slave to Sensation. I love paranormal fiction, but I also hate it because I am very picky. It’s about world building and taking us to a totally new and unfamiliar place, there are rules to this new world and if you break them, well, then, in my mind, you’re cheating as an author. I’m brutal as a reader.

I was on a flight to a writer’s conference and thought I would page through the manuscript, but I was so hooked that in the last ten pages as the flight was landing…I had the actual thought, “Can’t we go back up and circle around before landing?”

The circumstance was the protagonist was going to DIE or be the EXCEPTION to the rules of the world. 1st option BAD, 2nd option WORSE! <– CHEATING!

Nalini found DOOR #3!!! The character didn’t die and she wasn’t the exception, she found another way to resolve the issue.

Look for door #3. Find the solution, resolve the issue. If you’ve found yourself painted into a corner…paint yourself right back out. This is your job as a writer. Don’t give up. Never give up. You’ll always find not just “a” way, but “the” way.


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