Create Fearlessly


“I’m convinced that FEAR is at the root of most bad writing.” – Stephen King, On Writing

Don’t let fear stop you from writing, even if it’s not what others are telling you is selling, or what others might wish you to write. Did you know that Stephen King’s horror stories were initially rejected by publishers? Their reasoning was that no one was buying horror. That didn’t stop him from writing them, he persisted, eventually published Carrie, and went on to become the preeminent horror writer. Then when he wanted to write something outside of the horror genre publishers once again limited King in that they believed no one would want something other than horror from him. Personally, his “non-horror” stories are my favorite. So while publishers were fearful, King was not. He knew what he wanted to write.

Writer’s block doesn’t exist, it’s resistance which is usually caused by fear.

Don’t allow fear to box you in.

Fear is the killer of creativity.

Let go of the fear…get rid of the box…create fearlessly…

Write what you are called to write even if it’s something outside your comfort zone, outside of genre, or out of this world…you might be the next writer to create a new trend or even a new genre. Go for it, you have nothing to lose….

Create out loud ~ Live out loud ~ Write out Loud


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