You can fix anything but a blank page

“You can fix anything but a blank page” was famously said by Nora Roberts, one of today’s most prolific and popular authors. Take the time to edit_1 Many writers focus on the “blank page” part (and don’t get me wrong, most writers have trouble filling the blank page, so it’s a great thing to focus on) but what I think is largely ignored is the idea that everything is fixable. Think about that for a second…EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE. Meaning, take the time to edit. Don’t worry too much whether what you’re writing is perfect or even good, because if you take the time to edit, you can fix anything.

It’s a major accomplishment to FINISH a first draft, but remember it’s your first first draft. Fix what needs fixing.

Once the initial idea of the story is on paper you can do anything you want to it. EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE. It’s also where you can add new ideas, new characters, new scenes…all those moments of genius you’re MORE likely to have because the stress of actually filling those blank pages is gone. You’re free to make the story as romantic, suspenseful, scary, or sad as you want.

Take the time to edit, that’s where the magic is…

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Want to work with me? Together we’ll find your genius in the editing process and bring out your magic to fill those blank pages.  ❤

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