Man of La Mancha


Medieval knight against stone wall
When we lose, we dust ourselves off and tilt at that fucking windmill once again like goddamn Don Quixote


I’ve always been a rip the “band-aid” off kind of girl because then I can take action and feel empowered. When things “go-wrong” I need to zero in on solutions to my problems, which is exactly what I’m doing. My local politicians who won their re-elections, some by the skin of their teeth (my local state rep only won by a mere 58 votes) So today I’m calling her office and asking about volunteer opportunities, same with my local US Congressman. I WILL be a part of the change in this country. My voice will not go unheard.

The only way Trump gets away with his ugly views (and make them policy) is if WE LET HIM. We won’t, we’ll speak up and stand up for each other.

“To the degree that Donald Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him. To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him.” – Bernie Sanders

I do think the ENTIRE political system needs to be closely examined and perhaps an entire re-haul, everything from the electoral college (what worked in the past doesn’t always work now) and BOTH parties need to re-establish what they actually stand for and acknowledge that the MAIN reason he was elected is because he stood for CHANGE, change in the “politician” change in the “establishment”.

In the meantime, a very good friend of mine posted this on her timeline, saying that she had similar intuitive feelings and when I read it, though not necessarily because I believe in numerology, more so because I do think the rest of what she said really rings true, we are all watching!

>>>>45th President. 4 + 5 is 9. The 9 number energy represents an end ( a death ) and a new beginning ( a rebirth ) It is my role now to report…whoever wins will wish they didn’t..and whoever loses will be so glad they avoided the sad fate of the 45th president of the U.S.A. One night of celebration…and then reality will set in…with no opponent to focus on…the public will focus like a laser all their fury on the 45th president. While the masses eat the Victor…a new generation will arise like a Phoenix to meet the Dawn. ~Raul Rosiles # SoulBasedLiving<<<<

The whole WORLD will be laser focused on what President-elect Trump will do. Thank GOD I don’t HAVE that kind of pressure on me, I can just keep working on making the kind of change I want to see in the world.

Another friend of mine reminded me of one of my favorite books (Thank you John!) and why I love it.

“When we lose, we dust ourselves off and tilt at that fucking windmill once again like goddamn Don Quixote.

‘Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.'”

Don Quixote, although he is considered a fool by most, he always believed in himself and his mission…and to fight like the knight he was! He is my kind of fool.

I also love the musical….


❤ ❤ ❤




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