It Ends With Us

Naked truth? I don’t write reviews. Not because I don’t want to shout from the rooftops how good a book was, but because I know that everyone reads a book differently, feels a book differently and is changed by a book differently.
Some books though, keep holding onto you after you close the last page, some books won’t let you go when go to sleep and continue with work and life the next day. Some books require you to write something about them because you are suddenly page by page changing as a result of how the book creeps into your heart and enters your soul and stays there. Forever. You are no longer the same person who read those first words.
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is one of those books for me. It’s a book that defies category, so don’t look at the labels. I would even encourage you to go into it completely blind, without reading the blurb or back cover copy. Don’t read any reviews. Just open the book and read.
Read and be changed. Read and understand people a little bit more. Read and be a little less judgemental. Read and become more compassionate. Read and love people just a little bit more. Read and be forever changed.
I have been a life long reader and I have loved and enjoyed a multitude of books, talked about them, even encouraged so many others to read them. I’ve made a career out of my love of books. But there are very few books that have changed me from the inside out that rocked me to my core so completely. In fact, I can count those books on one hand and still have room to add It Ends With Us. It belongs there next to those books, a very special place on my “keeper shelf”. Someday I’ll meet Colleen again, purchase another copy just so she can sign it.
Naked truth? I don’t write reviews, but I will for this book.
Allow Colleen take you on a journey, let her words sink in, let her change you. It’s worth every second you’ll spend drawn into the characters’ world of heartaches, dreams, tears, struggle, strength, faith, forgiveness, courage, hope, and love. ❤
It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
❤ ❤ ❤
PS After I finished It Ends With Us I couldn’t sleep even though it was 3:34 in the morning…so I put on my iPod and found a song that for me fit perfectly…all of the emotions and where I felt most changed.
Footprints by Sia

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