Who was your first?

I’ve decided to throw back to the first posts I did from other blogs. They’re still relevant, timely and fun!


I can remember where I was , who I was with, what I felt like when I looked at him for the first time….and exactly how I felt when I discover through the pages of the book just who he was….it was the book that changed my life – literally!

I was never a big reader growing up. In fact, I wasn’t a reader at all. And coming from a family of voracious readers, I was the black sheep! My mother used to try to bribe me to read…”I’ll buy you any book you ever want, please just read something….!”

I was 15 and with my mom when I saw him staring at me from the end of the grocery checkout lane. Of course he had another woman in his arms, but that didn’t matter – he had such a look of love on his face while looking at her. I was hooked, I had to find out more about their story, he was a pirate and she was a princess and they fell in love, in the pages of a book…

I grabbed it and put it on the conveyor belt with the rest of the groceries. I swear, I think my mother almost had a heart attack, she was so excited! I had finally found a book I wanted to read. I have to give my mother A LOT of credit too. Being an Oprah Book Club type of reader at the time, I was surprised when she didn’t hesitate or blink an eye. She was just happy that I had found something to suit my tastes!

And suit my tastes it did!! I couldn’t get enough of romance novels, I carried one wherever I went, would stop at my local Waldenbooks each month, week and then daily. Oh yeah, those bookstore clerks knew me by name and eventually offered me a job…

I think it was less than a year later when my mother said to me – “You’re breaking the bank; you have to start buying your own books!!”

I will never forget their embrace, or the iridescent heart on the cover. That one book sent me on a lifetime journey that has been and continues to be absolutely priceless! It lead me to best friends, countless conferences, meeting (and sometimes working with) authors, lunch with editors and other adventures that sometimes put my fiction books to shame …

Thank you, Zebra. Thank you, Constance O’Banyon.


Thank you, Romance!

So who was your first? What book got you reading? What book changed your life?

Monthly Mash-ups:

Catherine Anderson – emotionality of a Maya Banks with the heart of a Debbie Macomber

Mary Balogh – Amanda Quick sophistication meets the family saga of a Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Tyler – military heroes of a Suzanne Brockmann/Cindy Gerard and suspense of a Roxanne St Clair

Jessica Anderson – As if JR Ward, Nalini Singh and Christine Feehan were battling the end of the world in the movies 2012 meets Indiana Jones…okay, this is a hard one! Anyone have a mash-up that works better?


So what book did you read first? What book changed everything for you?

❤ ❤ ❤




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